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Our Stories

College can be an interesting journey for many. Here, we will share the stories of college graduates to provide insight, motivation and perspective to both current students and recent graduates. We are all familiar with the ins and outs of college- just imagine what sharing a piece of your story can do for someone else. Interested in sharing advice with others? 

Breona McNeil

Winthrop Graduate

"REMAIN FOCUSED. Things won't always be easy, but remember the end goal. Remember why you started. Distractions, tests and trials will come but remain focused. Things will happen, but you are resilient. It's in you. Remain focused and don't give up."

Maya Mohead

Winthrop Graduate

"I wish I knew how fast the time goes, or how much I'd miss the simple things. I wish I knew how much the connections made in college could help you later in life. I wish I knew it'd e the last time I'd see my friends before our own lives got so busy. I wish I knew how college was just the beginning of my story. Enjoy your time, make connections, enjoy your friends, because this is just the beginning."

Tadean Page, M. Ed.

Author, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

“Listen to me... EMBRACE every part of the journey. I’ve learned so much through the four years of my undergrad experience that will shape my life forever- the good, the bad and the ugly! Embrace opportunities to grow. Embrace opportunities to try something new. Embrace opportunities to be stretched beyond your comfort zone. What you’ll find on the other side is something way more beautiful. Trust yourself to try. To embrace.” 

Shawana Miller

Winthrop Graduate & Entrepreneur

“You may attend a 4 year institution, but what you will accomplish, and the legacy  you will leave may take longer than 4 years to cultivate! KEEP GOING! Delayed NEVER means DENIED! Get involved, make connections, make mistakes, and push your way towards that stage! You may feel pressured to finish “on time”, but I want you to trust in God’s time! He’s the only person that can be “late” and yet right on time, EVERY TIME! Do your best, He’ll do the rest!  Blessings to you while on this journey!” 

Sandez Wertz

Winthrop Graduate & Teacher

"To the 20 year old me: Take a deep breath. It will all work itself out, even the "it" you don't know that exists yet. Have faith in yourself. Don't be so hard, it's okay to lean on those around you. Give yourself permission to be refilled by them. Give yourself permission to be."

LaJoyce Jones, MBA

Winthrop Graduate & Entrepreneur

"To the 20 year old me: You don't have to wake up and have your life together. The goals you have, they won't happen overnight and exhaustion is not your badge of honor. Hold your head up, embrace the moment good or bad and most importantly, enjoy this present God has given you. LIVE!"

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