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As a young, freshly graduated professional, LaJoyce has encountered many struggles throughout her life. In her last year of graduate school, she found herself at one of the lowest points in her life thus far. 22 years old, preparing to receive her second degree and living comfortably, she was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually deteriorating before her eyes. With graduation on the horizon, she secured a job in her field and chose to move. Shortly after making the decision, she loses the very thing she moved for, her job. Imagine financially supporting yourself, putting yourself through school then you lose the system that supports it all. Unemployed for a few months she began to lose hope in God. After regaining temporary employment and partially bouncing back things still did not feel right. Yes she graduated, yes she re-entered the workforce but she still felt empty. She was just going along with life, existing but not living. As time progressed, she looked for fulfillment. Digging into her past and in man, which only failed and brought her deeper into a sunken, hopeless place she longed to get out of. Always and Forever emerged from a place she refused to inhabit anymore. The content shared is meant to not only encourage you along life’s journey but motivate you to do more and simply be more.
LaJoyce is thankful for the many ideas and visions God has trusted her with. She strives to be effective, successful and most of all create a positive impact on those she encounters through these avenues. We hope through these stories you are inspired and feel free to engage!

We are temporarily conducting some internal changes and cannot wait to resurface! 

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Owner and Founder

Creator and founder of LA Creatives, LLC, Always and Forever & Angeline Studios, LaJoyce Jones is a native of Charleston, South Carolina where her love for people and the arts began. She currently seeks to inspire and encourage wherever and however God may allow.

Lajoyce Jones


A Message From Our Creator

Hello all, thank you for visiting my platform! Please know that this is such a blessing from God, as this page is solely meant to encourage those who feel they want to give up. I pray that you find something on here that will encourage, evoke, and grow within your soul. Personally, there were times I was going through a dark valley in my life and I wished for a post, a quote, or something brief that would speak to me and give me a little more strength, hope, and encouragement. I hope that with this website and our social media page, you will receive something that encourages you to not give up.
I would not dare take all the credit. I would like to thank all of my family, friends, and my pastor for not giving up on me, but staying the course. This page will also be used to endorse and promote other individuals such as myself who have developed their stories into a positive catalyst for others. Check out our upcoming events to get involved and build a community of inspiration with us.
Thank you for reading, supporting, and remember you are strong at your weakest point. Always and Forever.

 ~LaJoyce, Always & Forever

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