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Hey There!

Welcome to my website where you can learn about me and my passions! I hope you enjoy these details as much as I do! And know when you work smart and consistently your vision and dreams will become your reality!

All About Me.

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So many facets, where do I begin? I ask myself a lot, "Who am I?" I find myself not recognizing who I am because there are so many aspects of LaJoyce and who she is becoming. While it may seem (and feel) like I am all over the place I trust God has started a great work and already has it perfectly meshed together! With that being said, let's start at the beginning!


I am obsessed with the performing arts and I do mean obsessed! I began attending Charleston County School of the Arts in middle school where it all started. Imagine, a timid 7th grade piano major, vowed to staying to herself in a world full of personalities, talent and opportunities...yeah it didn't last long. Before I knew it, my surroundings challenged me to explore my character and that's when my personality and talents began to shine through! As I progressed through high school, I indulged myself into other majors vocal and theatre, which ultimately began what I now call an obsession. I have performed in productions like Les Misérables, The Music Man, Lion King, my most favorite, Hairspray and many others! However, a bit of reality or so I thought kicked in as college approached.

Initially, I planned to attend a performing arts school for college. I auditioned, was accepted but decided not to go. I chose a university instead and put academics first. I tried combining my passion and academics by majoring in music ed, but it wasn't long before I knew it wasn't for me! I eventually landed in my major, graduated, attended grad school, graduated, was accepted and graduated from a doctoral program *snaps for black girl magic* BUT was still very much unsatisfied. I was so far removed from my passion and I didn't recognize it until I was living in city that lived and breathed my passion, the big apple, New York City!

So here I am! This is LaJoyce. A Doctor of Strategic Leadership. A lover, indulger, and participant of the performing arts. A travel vlogger (check out my Youtube Channel). A photographer (a love I picked up and developed along the way, Angeline Studios). And a variety of other talents and skills I enjoy! I believe God has given me the vision for LA Creatives and it will be where my passion and education collide! Development takes time, but I am excited to offer services in the coming years!


Find yourself wanting to know more about me and my skills? Click the button below!


If you made it this far, THANK YOU! I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me and that you feel inspired to continue pursuing your passions. If you had an extended break like I did...get back in there! It's never too late! Continue exploring!

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